TX Locksmith Austin is your choice provider for vehicle security services. We are skilled and experienced in offering a variety of services to enhance or restore your access to your vehicle.


Experiencing a home lockout can be a scary thing especially if you have an infant inside. If this is the case, TX Locksmith Austin can help you. We have handled many similar incidents with speed and skill.


An Office Lockout might be the last thing you planned for when you drew your business contingency plans, but if it happens, it can be a major inconvenience. If not taken care of quickly it could cost you money and time.

Our Services

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Vehicle access security is an area TX Locksmith Austin specializes in and in which we offer a range of services. We have built a strong foundation of caring for our customers that is paying off in customer satisfaction and expansion of our services. Some of the services we offer our clientele includes car ignition repair. Using state of the art equipment our technicians can provide this service quickly and to your satisfaction.

Our techs are also highly skilled in car key cutting and have the latest machines and tools to get this service job done effectively. When your remote breaks or jams, we will fix your transponder chip keys to get you back the convenience you are used to.

A car lockout is something that can make your day go badly, but if you call us we will bring back up to speed with all the things you have planned for the day. Our techs have a lot of experience in car key replacement and will get you a new copy in short order. They are also skilled in customer service and provide their technical services in a cordial manner. If you have left your keys in your vehicle we can assist you with car door unlocking as well. As you can see, there is no shortage of the kind of services we can provide even on short notice.

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